Tim Pozar
423 Durant Way
Mill Valley, California 94941

Consultant / Contractor for the Farallons Broadband Project at California Academy of Sciences (CAoS), October 2008–Present

Consultant / Contractor for VoIP and Network Architecture at Unlimited Conferencing, July 2009–Present

VP of Engineering at UnitedLayer, October 2004–January 2008
UnitedLayer is a managed services, colocation, transport and transit provider that is located in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Chicago and Ashburn VA.

Technical Director (aka CTO) at Electronic Frontier Foundation, May 1st 2004–August 2004

Principal Network Engineer at CSI Telecommunications Engineers, 2001–April 31st 2004
CSI is an engineering firm specializing in engineering and consulting for the telecommunications needs of government and companies.

Contract Microwave Engineer for the Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research Project, 2001–2002
AN-MSI was a four-year, $6 million project funded by the National Science Foundation to assist Minority-Serving Institutions as they develop campus IT infrastructure and national connections.

Vice President of Operations at Disappearing Inc. (later renamed Omniva), April 11th 2000–2001
Disappearing Inc. is a service and consulting company that supports electronic document retention for enterprise customers.

Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Brightmail Inc., May 4th 1998–2000
Brightmail provides a 24x7 anti-virus and anti-spam service for ISPs and enterprise clients, involving an extensive array of redundant machines and processes. Besides Kleiner Perkins and other VC investments, Symantec invested early on in Brightmail was eventually sold to Symantec for $370 million

Director of Operations and Network Architect at Alexa Internet and Internet Archive, 1996–1998
Alexa provides a real-time indexing system of web pages that are similar to the page the user's browser is actively looking at. It is currently built into Netscape's and Microsoft's browsers. Internet Archive is the non-profit side of Alexa to insure the preservation of the data generated by Alexa Internet. Alexa was sold to Amazon in 1999

Partner and Co-Founder of TLGnet, 1992–1996
TLGnet was a well-respected San Francisco Bay Area Internet Service Provider. TLG provided high-performance Internet access to corporations and smaller ISPs. TLG was sold in 1996 for 1.6 Million to Best Internet Communications, which eventually was sold to NTT/Verio.

Owner of Late Night Software (LNS), 1986–Present
LNS provides consulting and software development specializing in *BSD and Linux operating systems, audio streaming and networking.

Owner of T.M. Požar Broadcast/Telecommunications Engineering, 1974–Present
T.M. Požar Broadcast/Telecommunications Engineering provides consulting and contract engineering for broadcasting.

Director of Engineering for the San Francisco properties of Brown Broadcasting Company, 1984–1996
BBC was the parent company of eight radio stations on the West Coast.

Previous broadcast engineering experience resume available at: http://www.lns.com/house/pozar/broadcast.resume.html.


Pro bono Work:

Technical Advisory Board Member for Telx, 2007–Present
Telx manages a number of interconnection related colocation sites, and provides technical support and value added services.

Co-founder and Director of the Bay Area Research Wireless Network (BARWN), 2001–Present
BARWN is a research network using very low cost licensed exempt wireless equipment to deploy a high-speed network for research and use by individuals and government.

Co-founder and Director of the Bay Area Wireless Users Group (BAWUG), 2000–Present
BAWUG is a user support group specializing in the education of wireless data deployment.

Research Visionary Board Member for Motorola, 2003–2006
The RVB is a group sponsored by Motolora to look at current and future trends.

Technical Advisory Board Member for CampSix, 1999–2001
CampSix was a VC incubator with a number of successful startups.

Technical Consultant/Technical Producer of "The Telecommunications Revolution," 1992–1995
A California Public Utilities Commission–funded live weekly program broadcast to over 30 stations via the NPR satellite program delivery system. The program explores the impact of telecommunications technology on Californians and originates at the KPFA studios in Berkeley.

Active Member of the FidoNet Standards Committee, 1986–1990
An organization that developed and documented standards relating to the FidoNet message and conference computer network.

Other notable work...

on Networks and Wireless Infrastructure, 1986–Present
Active member and lecturer to organizations such as:

Examples of software and published work can be found at http://www.lns.com/papers

Photo and examples of press mentions can be found at http://www.lns.com/house/pozar/press.html

References and educational background available on request.
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