Mailbrowse for two way pagers...

As soon as I got my SkyTel two-way pager I wanted a way to browse the web with it. Perl to the rescue! By sending mail to and putting a URL in the first line of the body of the message, my program will grab the web page, format and clean up the text to be better viewable on pagers and then send it back to you.

As SkyTel pagers have a limit of 10,000 bytes incoming the script will break apart the web page into 9,800 byte chunks and send it back to you in parts. The parts will be numbered in the subject line and will be limited to three parts per request.

Have fun with it!.

After I wrote the above, I was approached by Web Techniques to do an article about it. You can retrive the local copy of the article or the one from Web Techniques.