Mixice for live audio streaming...

I wrote a quick and dirty perl script that will do live Icecast streaming as liveice just doesn't cut it on my FreeBSD box. This script is currently in use for KFCF-FM in Fresno and you can check out the stream at http://www.kfcf.org:8000.

The script requires CATDSP. I needed something to set the bit rate of /dev/dsp and stream the PCM to stdout where LAME will process it.

Please note the "-x" arg for LAME. It really needs the bytes swapped or you will just hear noise.

The script is doing the shoutcast compatible ICY login and not the "new" ICECAST "x-audiocast" login.

One other requirement is the Net::Telenet module from CPAN. Yes, I could have used a lower layer of Net:: but this was a quick and dirty hack and it works. Suggestions welcomed, flames devnulled.