PLAYMP3S.PL for playing back MP3...

Another quick and dirty perl script that will semi-randomly play back MP3 files. You can tell the scrip not to duplicate artist or cut title for any length of time in recent history. Who wants to hear ABBA more than once a day?

The script can also do things like read the news at the top of the hour, back announce the cuts played since the last "break" and do "time checks" via the text to speech program called "Festival" from the University of Edinburgh (

playmp3s also creates a web page of last played. An example of this script can be seen at

The script also requires the UNIX "date" program for knowing what time it is and "wc" for counting number of lines in a file such as how many MP3 files in a playlist. It also depends on qmp3info to give data about an MP3 file. "qmp3info" is part of the Quelcom toolset from