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One of my main "themes" in life is to give tools to the world that help them express their ideas. I have this rather utopian idea that if everyone has the tools to exchange ideas then the world will be a better place.

To that end I have started or contribute my time to public radio stations, develop software for the exchange of email and conferences to/from the Internet and a low-cost computer network called FidoNet. I also was one of the folks that started an early low-cost Internet Service Provider called TLGnet.

Currently I am doing work as an advocate for unlicensed wireless in the support of community networks. To that I am a founding member of the Bay Area Wireless Users Group, a founding member and flogger of the Bay Area Wireless Research Network and have written a number of papers and presentations on the technology and regulation behind licsensed and un-licensed wireless networks.

I have a number of current interests such as:

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And if you really want to know all about me, I have a bio that I am in the process of writing or check out my page on "Laminates as an autobiography".